Match Day Information


NWMCA (North West Metropolitan Cricket Association






Weather:  Information regarding cancellation of play because of unsuitable weather may be obtained by telephoning NWMCA headquarters on 9539-4844 where a recorded message will advise of the Association’s decision and directions.



VTCA (Victorian Turf Cricket Assocication)






Weather:  RING AFTER 10:15am each Sat/Sun (If there is no current message then Report to Grounds)
Saturday Fixtured Competitions: 0422 052 504
Sunday Fixtured Competitions: 0422 052 451
Extreme Heat 38 Degree Policy - Details
Contacts for Covers and Weather Problems (relating to Rule E 52.11)
Josie McNamara - Grounds Manager - 0415 673 361 or  Deanne Trewin - Secretary - 0417 055 726



E52.1: The Cover must be laid by dusk on the evening of any day prior to a match day.
E52.2:  Due to Council requirements, an underlay material must be used when covers are laid prior to each day of a play.
E52.3:  Captains and Umpires must accept that where the Cover has to be laid\re-laid due to rain on match-day it may not be practicable to use the underlay material in all circumstances.
E52.4 On any match-day the Cover must be removed no later than 8:30am unless it is raining.


Moreland Council (Covers Guidelines)


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