Membership Fees 2021/22



• Full Membership $300  

• Student Membership $175 

• Junior Membership $150

• Women Membership $50

• Social Membership $50  

Match Fees  

• Senior Match Fee $15 

• Senior Match Fee with umpire $20 

• Student Match Fee $10 

• Women Match Fee $10

• Junior Match Fee $5 

Methods of Payment  


After a player plays their first match, an invoice will be issued for the full Membership, this  invoice will be sent to each player via the online EFTPOS system.  

Members will be able to make part or full payments towards their membership via the East  Coburg Cricket Club Online Store. Membership must be fully paid by 18th Dec to be  considered a financial member of the East Coburg Cricket Club. 

Match Fees  

Match Fees can be paid on Match Day using EFTPOS (Preferred) or Cash. There will be an option to pay match fees online, this will require the player to provide the  online receipt linked to their online account on match day as proof of payment. 

Any clarification on the Match Fees or Membership Fees should be directed to the Treasurer